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How Rhopoint Instruments increased product quality by 35% and reduced customer returns by 70% with NoMuda VisualFactory.

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Is your current production process harming product quality and leaving customers unsatisfied?

NoMuda VisualFactory has helped some of the world’s largest manufacturers transform product quality.

This includes Rhopoint Instruments who have enhanced quality whilst dramatically reducing customer returns by improving their Annual Instrument Failure Rates (AFR).


“Product quality is up 35% and customers are visibly happier with their products, as returns are down 70%.” 

Tony Burrows, Managing Director, Rhopoint Instruments.

But how does NoMuda VisualFactory make this possible?

NoMuda VisualFactory ensures that the fastest, safest, lowest cost process is used, resulting in a no faults forward approach to assembly.

Operators are guided through work instructions in the same way that they would be guided by a GPS.

VisualFactory breaks the process down into the simplest form and will alert your operators to any mistakes.

Management will be informed instantly of any errors for a faster resolution.

Adherence to the optimal process ensures that production is always right-first-time, allowing you to build quality into your products from the offset.

“External audits are now much easier given the level of traceability we have with VisualFactory.”

Tony Burrows, Managing Director, Rhopoint Instruments.

NoMuda VisualFactory implements routine tracking & documentation throughout the product lifecycle to meet your quality management requirements. All of this information can be easily exported and used to satisfy audits and adhere to any industry regulations.


Using the NoMuda VisualFactory reporting tool, you can dig into your data to find continuous quality improvements.

This data can help you make vital changes that will increase productivity, improve delivery times, and keep your customers happy.