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Amazon Web Services teams up with NoMuda VisualFactory for MES SaaS Implementation

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud computing platform provided by It offers a wide range of cloud services that enable individuals, businesses, and organizations to build and deploy various applications and services using the power of Amazon's global infrastructure.

NoMuda has transitioned the product portfolio for SaaS integration and deployment, leveraging Amazon Web Services. The result has enabled our customers to streamline their internal IT demands, increase flexibility to scale with business needs while benefiting from maximum service levels supporting the manufacturing facilities.

Transitioning our product portfolio for SaaS integration and deployment has meant that implementing VisualFactory on your shop floor has never been easier. Find out how we can implement VisualFactory here:

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Total Productivity

Total Productivity supports European manufacturers with methods to help them compete on the global stage. They believe that this is through automation, production flexibility, quality and cost reduction. Naturally, they have selected NoMuda VisualFactory as their recommended Manufacturing Execution System.

If you are based in the Netherlands and would prefer to connect with us through Total Productivity, then please visit

VisualFactory provides Ravo Fayat with an integrated navigation system.
manufacturing cycle efficiency

Visual Management Technology

Visual Management Technology provide businesses with tools that help create some of the most visually efficient workplaces. This includes Management Boards, shadow boards, cleaning stations and of course, NoMuda VisualFactory.   

If you are looking for Shadow Boards or Visual Signage for your shop floor, please contact

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Sturtevant Richmont 

Sturtevant Richmont supply a range of production tooling, such as torque controllers and torque wrenches, that can be integrated with VisualFactory to achieve complete connectivity and on your shop floor.

To learn more about Sturtevant Richmont’s tools visit  

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CAS Assembly Tooling and Services

CAS Assembly Tooling and Services are a market leader in supplying, installing, and servicing production tooling. 

As well as supplying Pneumatic, Battery and DC tooling, they have 20 years of experience in project management of turnkey assembly facilities for some of the largest manufacturing companies based in the UK and Europe.

Talk to us to find out how you can connect CAS Assembly Tooling with NoMuda VisualFactory Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Visit to learn more about CAS.

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