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Lean Manufacturing was born out of a need for the automotive industry to minimize waste, whilst maximizing productivity.

Yet, manufacturers are still falling short with paper and static production processes.

NoMuda VisualFactory introduces you to a smarter way of manufacturing that will slash your costs and guarantee the quality you need to compete in a demanding market. Always using the fastest, safest and lowest cost process ensures right first-time quality.

Tools, equipment and your business systems can be integrated with VisualFactory. Work orders can be transmitted straight to your operators screen, providing them with step-by-step instructions that communicates what they need to know and when they need to know it.

Operators can raise Andon calls from the shop floor for a faster response and resolution to production issues. If the production issue has stemmed from a faulty part, the part can be reworked to avoid scrapping expensive materials.

Moving to a pull production process will help eliminate non-value-added waste and improve your delivery times. All of your data is recorded, meaning that VisualFactory's analytics and reporting tools can be used to keep making continuous improvements to your process.


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