Better Product Traceability For The Aerospace & Defence Industry

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Aerospace and Defence

We understand that traceability is key for the Aerospace and Defence Industry.

You need to take every precaution to ensure that your products are safe when they leave the shop floor. Maintaining this high level of traceability and quality assurance can bump up labour costs and restrict capacity through time spent on paperwork and archiving documentation.

Migrating to a digital manufacturing process with NoMuda VisualFactory can help you go paperless, eliminating unnecessary costs whilst building in quality.

VisualFactory automatically records and stores key manufacturing history and test data, including test rigs, part numbers, serial numbers and date codes. This data can be exported at the click of a button, taking the stress out of auditing and helping you to exceed AS9100 industry standards.  

 Our wide range of reporting tools can be used to implement a successful Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle that will continuously improve your processes.  

 On-screen, step-by-step Work Instructions ensure that your operators adhere only to the optimal process, preventing operators from reverting to memorized assembly and exposing your process to error.

 If your operators do experience any production issues, they can call for immediate support to divert disruption from the assembly line. Any faulty parts and products can be reworked providing you with valuable data to improve your first pass yield.

With your shop floor working to their optimum, you can maximize quality and productivity.

“On just the initial product line, VisualFactory is on target to save Meggitt 2,500 labour hours, increasing capacity by 20%. Moving from a paper-based process has also saved them the £750,000 cost that came with archiving documentation.”.


Parker Meggitt

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