First Time Quality Is Crucial Within Medical Manufacturing

NoMuda Industries


Is your team drowning in paperwork to satisfy FDA, MHRA and other compliance measures?

Many medical manufacturers are still using outdated software systems and non-value added processes, as they believe that it is the only way to meet regulations and ensure the quality and safety of their products.

NoMuda VisualFactory can offer you this high level of traceability with an advanced medical manufacturing software system whilst increasing efficiency and saving you valuable time and money.

Digitizing your manufacturing process eliminates the need to archive any documentation, as VisualFactory is the software system that tracks and traces every move in the medical manufacturing process. This arms you with the digital intelligence that you need in real time, 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With this level of transparency, you can help regulators track your devices and prevent any unforeseeable adverse health consequences.

VisualFactory advanced medical manufacturing software provides digital, step-by-step work instructions that will help you reduce errors by ensuring that your operators get it right-first time. Tighter restrictions can be put in place to ensure that your team has the right skills to carry out their tasks and that authorisation is in place when making important changes to your manufacturing process. This allows you to demonstrate full accountability.

NoMuda VisualFactory increases capacity, giving your management team the time to work on valuable quality and process improvements that will be passed on to your customers.



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