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NoMuda VisualFactory helps Parker Meggitt go digital and gain 12% efficiency.


Their Challenge

Parker Meggitt manufactures innovative technologies, products and services for the Aerospace, Defence and Energy markets. They wanted to replace their paper-based systems with a solution that would improve how manufacturing collected critical information to satisfy rigorous Aerospace regulations.

As part of this, Parker Meggitt wanted to integrate digital technologies into its operations and processes to boost productivity.

The Solution

Using VisualFactory’s Digital Work Instructions, complex parts are assembled by Parker Meggitt’s skilled technicians whilst efficiently collecting the information that regulators require. Replacing the traditional paper-based systems has increased productivity and allowed the operators to focus on the critical aspects of building the products.

Parker Meggitt has connected its test equipment and inspection tools to the same ecosystem to drive further improvements in productivity. Augmented reality adds another dimension, enabling operators to work with a digital overlay to what they are seeing in the physical world and to interact with colleagues across its global factories.

“There are many more opportunities for us to integrate digital technologies into our operations and processes, as we continue to investigate possibilities we are driving fundamental change, both in how we operate and how we deliver value to our customers.”

The Benefits

  • Parker Meggitt experienced a 12% average efficiency gain in teams adopting VisualFactory.
  • c.7,000 labour hours have been saved on one pilot product line between Jan 21 – Dec 21 compared with 2020 baseline.
  • Digital and additive manufacturing technologies are being used across Parker Meggitt to make products in new and unique ways, to improve productivity and to reduce waste.
  • Parker Meggitt are developing both next-generation products and advanced manufacturing technologies to make them efficiently and sustainably.