MES VisualFactory Digital Work Instruction & Shop Floor Data Capture Software | Why NoMuda VisualFactory

Why NoMuda VisualFactory?

You are ready to make a digital transformation. Why should NoMuda VisualFactory be your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) of choice?

Improve Workforce Efficiency

VisualFactory is the innovative digital work instruction software (MES) that ensures adherence to the optimal process in order to maximise factory shop floor efficiency.


Increase Productivity

With operators always using the fastest, safest and lowest cost process, VisualFactory is the smart, digital work instruction software that boost your productivity.


Reduce Costs

Eliminate errors and omissions in your factory with the help of a smart error-proofing work instruction software that leads to right-first-time production and drives down the cost of quality.


Track & Trace Shop Floor Data

VisualFactory enables you to use a premium track and trace factory shop floor data capture software that will monitor your entire process, giving you the data you need to make continuous improvements.


You Can Trust Us

VisualFactory is securely stored on the cloud or inside your corporate firewall. We are ISO/IEC27001 and Cyber Essentials accredited and ensure that we follow GDPR regulations to the letter.


Discover & Resolve Issues Faster

Our vAndon module gives you the power to record and communicate a wide range of company-specific production issues to find permanent resolutions faster.


Easy and Intuitive

Our simple on-screen, step-by-step digital work instructions software is very easy to use for ensuring rapid adoption on the factory shop floor.


Reduce Waste

VisualFactory uses lean manufacturing concepts to ensure minimum waste on the shop floor.


Train & Upskill Operators Faster

Our dynamic, digital work instructions software eliminates the need to memorise written documents and massively reduces the cost of training when introducing new products and staff.


Stay Connected

Integrate VisualFactory with your ERP and Engineering Data Management System (EDM) as well as your tools and equipment to create and IoT enabled shop floor.


Master Quality Assurance

An effective shop floor data capture software will help you monitor your production processes and will offer full transparency and support, enabling you to meet the needs of quality assurance and the expectations of your customers and auditors.


Get Products on the Shop Floor Faster

VisualFactory is the smart, innovative work instruction software, which offers the digital built-in intelligence and configurator and facilitates high-variety complex assemblies to the shop floor.


Version Control

VisualFactory manages and updates the digital document versions of the MES work instructions and data capture software, ensuring the correct version is always implemented on the shop floor.


Paperless Manufacturing

Eliminate the cost of creating and managing paper documents with the VisualFactory MES work instruction software, whilst gaining the benefits of digital manufacturing and real-time data capture on your factory shop floor.


Flexible Pricing

Our pay-per seat pricing structure ensures that you only pay for the licences and MES modules that you require.


Deliver Right First Time

VisualFactory is the lean digital manufacturing software that minimises errors on the shop floor by ensuring that the operators adhere to the correct process, eliminating the need for rework.