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Work smarter with NoMuda VisualFactory 20.3

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The latest version of VisualFactory focuses on increasing efficiency and ensuring that your team works smarter on the shop floor.

We stand by our name and our main goal is to reduce waste. One way that VisualFactory does this is by reducing mistakes on the shop floor with clear, on-screen step-by-step Work Instructions. Yet, busy operators can still miss important engineering changes.

VisualFactory 20.3 reduces the chance of your team making costly mistakes by making work instruction changes obvious. You can now add visual alerts to highlight changes to activities, checks, tests, tooling, and more to encourage right-first-time production.

Authors can also track Work Instruction changes and quickly compare previous changes, offering added visibility for your audit trail.

NoMuda VisualFactory customers can also take advantage of our new, extensive triggering functionality that will allow you to automate even the most unique processes.

VisualFactory can be configured to automate your processes by efficiently triggering a response to certain actions. A prime example of this is one customer that is using VisualFactory triggering to replenish materials. When the material falls to a certain level, an Andon call is triggered to inform their team that it needs to be replenished.

This feature can be applied to a wide range of processes that include checks, testing, tooling, production issues, work orders, and more. This is a great way to improve productivity by ensuring that your production line runs smoothly.

There are a whole host of additional productivity-enhancing features available in NoMuda VisualFactory 20.3. Current customers can contact their account manager now to discuss upgrading as part of their package.

If you want to learn more about NoMuda VisualFactory or believe that you should be getting more from your current system, then call us or fill in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you.