Thyssenkrupp | Case Study

Case Study | Thyssenkrupp

Thyssenkrupp, NoMuda VisualFactory and distributors, Total Productivity have taken on the challenge together in a special process. Thyssenkrupp began the development of a new product and its associated assembly lines. Their objective was to enable a faster production start and entry into the market.

Avoid delay by monitoring the interface of the product with the production system 

Remco Bliek, Project Leader at Total Productivity, comments: “Two elements are special in this project, the product must first pass the design-freeze phase for a number of details. So, we have the challenge of monitoring the interfaces between the product and the production system. In addition, it is important to continue the development and construction without undue delay.”


Integration of digital work instructions

In addition, these new production lines are distinguished by the turnkey integration of VisualFactory digital work instructions. The link with the ERP system ensures that One-Piece-Flow can be produced. The assembly operators are now presented with the work order and product instructions at the right-first-time.


Lean principles

VisualFactory software implements a number of lean principles-based modules, such as Andon call support and in-line quality assurance.