ScandiNova | Case Study

Case Study | ScandiNova

ScandiNova is a world leading provider of solid-state pulsed power solutions with high power levels. They have more than 1000 installations in over 45 countries worldwide, for applications such as particle physics, radiotherapy, cargo scanning, non-destructive testing and food processing. 


Before they developed into a small-scale OEM manufacturer, ScandiNova used to create prototypes using mechanical drawings and electrical wirings for assembly. As they began to expand production, they developed their work instructions using word processors and spreadsheets.

However, this led to issues with version control and integration with their other IT systems to generate the reports that they needed, such as statistics on test protocols.


In 2016, ScandiNova set up a new production facility for production of OEM deliveries. At this point they employed their first production engineer who investigated the most efficient way to operate, which is where they came across VisualFactory. VisualFactory offered the most suitable functionality for the best value for money.

They began implementation using just two members of staff to import their bill of materials, create work instructions, configure tools, teams and reports and train the shop floor. This included importing 350 unique parts to produce their product.


VisualFactory is running on just one of ScandiNova’s products, but they are already experiencing the benefits on the shop floor. All operators are enjoying the benefits brought by clearer instructions, with production times improving for new operators.

Although there is still a way to go, the team have found that VisualFactory has stabilized their process, ensures high quality and has improved predictability.

As they keep growing, VisualFactory will play an important role as they describe the software as a ‘natural part of  ScandiNova’s  toolbox.’