NoMuda™ Open 2020 With Forward-Thinking VisualFactory™ Update - NoMuda MES VisualFactory

NoMuda™ Open 2020 With Forward-Thinking VisualFactory™ Update


NoMuda kick-off 2020 with an update to their Manufacturing Execution System, VisualFactory 4.19.4. This is the most progressive VisualFactory update yet and has a large focus on enhancing production issues and reporting.

VisualFactory 4.19.4 gives the user more flexibility than in previous versions, making it easier and faster to raise and resolve production issues. Operators now have the option to call for support staff or to hold defective items for investigation to prevent disruption to production.

It’s not just the operators that have more choice in 4.19.4. The Andon responder is also presented with multiple options to resolve, escalate or inherit a production issue. Defects can be recorded on dot density images and later reviewed via a dot density chart to help you track and trace ongoing issues. ‘Corrective Action Reports’ and ‘jobs’ can also be created to encourage improvement.

As lean manufacturing experts, NoMuda has introduced these features to improve quality, promote continuous improvement and further reduce waste to benefit your business in the long-term.

Production issues can be captured and managed in the vReport module that is also new to VisualFactory in 4.19.4. You don’t need to be a data analyst to use vReport, as NoMuda makes managing the wealth of data available within VisualFactory almost effortless. External data can be imported into VisualFactory and combined to create charts and grids that can be presented across dashboards to empower your shop floor.

Advocates of visualisation software will also be delighted to learn that you can now integrate platforms such as Power BI with VisualFactory to analyse your data.

NoMuda founder, Phil Borland, who has developed the software using years of manufacturing experience said,

“With an ever-expanding number of global manufacturers using VisualFactory, we are now able to provide world-class production issues management and quality reporting functionality. This means that our customers have a single application on the shop floor rather than a disparate variety of specialist software.”

NoMuda will be demonstrating the software to customers for the first time on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 4pm GMT. Current customers should get in contact with their account manager for sign up information.

If you are interested in migrating to a digital manufacturing process or think that you can get more out of your current Manufacturing Execution System, you can get in contact here.