Saab Seaeye | Case Study

Case Study | Saab Seaeye

Saab Seaeye is the world’s largest manufacturer of Electric Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and now includes Saab’s underwater vehicle range of tethered, autonomous and hybrid underwater vehicle systems for the defence industry.   


Saab Seaeye wanted to take control of their work instructions and get the knowledge out of the operator’s heads.   

They were very much reliant on experience as products were built from people’s knowledge with limited written or detailed instructions, which were very often in people’s own notebooks.   

If those people leave so did their expertise. Training new staff was a time-consuming process, and productivity and quality inconsistent. 


"VisualFactory has had a huge impact on productivity and quality. It has given us control back".

VisualFactory has allowed us to consistently build to cost, quality and time targets on our products. Since using VisualFactory to create our build instructions correctly, a large percentage of our problems have gone away – because we can now consistently control the product build process and its quality.” 

"Now that it is digitally logged, it takes a matter of seconds to locate what happened in production. If something goes wrong, we have the data to resolve it and help us improve our processes in the future."

Mark Exeter, Operations Director 


In the first year: 

  • Reworking costs were slashed from £268,000 to £52,000. 
  • 85% of this fall can be attributed to VisualFactory helping Saab achieve right first-time quality. 
  • Rework costs are projected to fall by 90% of the original value in the following year to £28,000.