Ravo Fayat | Case Study

Case Study | Ravo Fayat

"Before we used VisualFactory, we used to produce based on a road map, now we do that with an integrated navigation system."

In 2015, RAVO, manufacturers of street sweepers chose NoMuda VisualFactory via distributors Total Productivity to secure their complex assembly. VisualFactory is linked to RAVO’s ERP system, which means that they can present order-specific work instructions directly to a technician.

Changing working method

Folders with paper documents were previously used for the work instructions, so it took a lot of time to make changes and to keep the instructions up to date. A lot of knowledge was secured by the mechanics and the training time for a new employee was a long and intensive process. Therefore, it was hard to guarantee product quality.

Culture change through company-wide implementation

A conscious decision was made to implement VisualFactory in each department. After the pilot in the engine department, VisualFactory was further rolled out across all of production.

RAVO created its work instructions using three instruction levels. This made progress across the organization and the software could be rolled out quicker throughout production. This also made it easier to initiate the necessary company-wide culture change.


Controlling production quality

Now that experience has been gained with VisualFactory for some time, RAVO has taken a major step in controlling production quality. RAVO now has a powerful production-supporting instrument at its disposal, which gives them the opportunity to continuously monitor production quality and efficiency, and make adjustments where necessary.

Nelly Raap-Appel, Manager Operations Control at RAVO, summarizes the VisualFactory project aptly:

“Before we started using VisualFactory, we used to produce on the basis of a road map, now we do that with an integrated navigation system”