Parker Meggitt | Case Study

Case Study | Parker Meggitt

As a world-leader in innovative technologies, products and services for the Aerospace, Defence and Energy Markets, traceability is key for Parker Meggitt. 

Their Challenge

Operating within the Aerospace Industry, Parker Meggitt’s production process needs to be transparent, requiring heavy documentation and full traceability at multiple stages of the assembly line.   

Before VisualFactory, operators would spend a vast amount of time signing paperwork and archiving documents to record serialisation, performance and other vital measures.   

This time-consuming activity restricted available capacity and required careful management to ensure operators were always working from the latest version of the work instructions. 


Work instructions are now displayed on screen, guiding the operators through the process and ensuring the latest version is always available, immediately at point of use.  

 Manufacturing history and testing are now recorded within VisualFactory, removing the time needed to sign and archive documentation.  Test rigs are linked directly to VisualFactory, displaying the results on screen for the operator.   

By use of parameters VisualFactory also clearly indicates to the operator whether the unit has passed or failed test and automatically stores the result. 

"We have identified our ‘hidden factory’ with the vRework module that has helped us to understand, document and improve first pass yield. Operators are happy as they see VisualFactory as an investment in them, making their job easier and helping them to work in the most effective way."

Digital Programme Manager, Chris Perry

Parker Meggitt has a digitalisation plan for all of their 34 locations across the Americas, Europe,Middle East, and Asia Pacific. VisualFactory is a key player in this. Meggitt are currently in the process of increasing to 250 vScreens in their Ventura County, USA facility, 8 vScreens in Coventry, UK and 12 in Birmingham, UK.   

As Parker Meggitt learns more about VisualFactory’s capabilities, they plan to explore additional modules. The demand for VisualFactory is growing at Parker Meggitt, as each location learns what it can help them to achieve. 


On target savings at Parker Meggitt’s Ventura County, USA Facility:  

  • 6% Increase in productivity 
  • 2,500 labour hours saved  
  • 20% increase in capacity  
  • £750,000 saved through no longer archiving documentation  

  Forecast savings at Parker Meggitt’s Erlanger, USA facility:  

  • 1 full pallet of paper  
  • 6.6% improvement in yield by eliminating paperwork issues.