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Visual Factory Optimises Shop Floor Operations and Manufacturing Efficiency

NoMuda's Visual Factory digitizes shop floor work instructions enabling manufacturing companies to become more competitive by ensuring critical to quality processes are adhered to, delivering improved manufacturing efficiency, and enabling greater flexibility ensuring right first-time quality.

NoMuda VisualFactory recognized on Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Manufacturing Execution Systems
Visual Factory's vScreen showcasing the digitized shop floor work process

Digitize Shop Floor Work Process

NoMuda's Visual Factory allows companies to move from inefficient paper-based manufacturing to digital work instructions, automating the shop floor and adhering to critical to quality processes. Visual Factory has an intuitive and reactive user interface that shop floor operators appreciate.

Flexible Work Order Processing

Manufacturing companies with many product variants will appreciate the NoMuda MES approach to flexible work processes. Visual Factory can support thousands of product variants, making product configuration easier than ever. Our workflow automatically changes the work instructions based on the work order from your manufacturing ERP system.

Hypertherm factory using Visual Factory's flexible work process configuration with flexible work order processing
Real Time Data dashboard using Visual Factory to improve manufacturing efficiency

Real-Time Data & Visibility

NoMuda Visual Factory enables real time reporting of production data and status. Highlighting manufacturing efficiency and issues in real time eliminating wasteful stoppages and missed production targets.

Digital Traceability

Audits and regulatory compliance are simplified due to VisualFactory ability to digitally record each step of the production process to provide complete product traceability. Visual Factory generates a ‘digital birth certificate’ for each product created.

Digital product traceability dashboard within Visual Factory recording each stage of the production process.
Rhopoint engineer following step-by-step instructions with Visual Factory's intuitive interface.

Easy integration with IoT Hardware and ERP systems

Automatically extract BOM and work orders from the ERP system and return operation completion time and part usage, improving product traceability. In parallel, integrating IoT hardware is simple with the industry standard MQTT protocol.

Cloud or On-Prem Deployment

NoMuda’s SaaS environment delivers Visual Factory in a managed cloud environment. Our ISO27001 certified, cloud service is ideal for companies that want to outsource the overhead of operating a MES. The alternative for customers requiring ITAR and internally managed services is Visual Factory on-prem.

Visual Factory is available for both Cloud and On-Prem deployment

Value Delivered In 90 Days

Visual Factory is the industries simplest way to implement digital work instructions and report manufacturing performance.

Why NoMuda MES Visual Factory Makes for Smarter Manufacturing