Lean Manufacturing Training Modules | NoMuda VisualFactory Digital Manufacturing Features & Modules


At its core, NoMuda VisualFactory provides you with all of the features you need for your lean transformation. 

This includes the ability to create and communicate digital work instructions, automatic data collection, reporting for continuous improvement, seamless communications, and much more. VisualFactory will help you identify your optimal process, reduce variability, eliminate waste, and boost productivity.

We have designed a range of additional vModules that will provide you with added functionality to improve your success rate.


Locate defects and non-conformities faster as operators alert management to production issues on-screen, in real-time. Using vAndon allows all issues to be recorded and categorized to ensure the issues are not only resolved, but can be studied to identify long-term improvements to your production process.


Connect your tools and shop floor equipment to VisualFactory, so that you can automatically record and analyze all of your data in one place.


Create and monitor Manufacturing Change Notes to be efficiently communicated to the shop floor. All changes are tracked to demonstrate accountability and to reduce confusion.


Effectively manage a process with thousands of different components and parts. vConfigurator uses codes to organise the parts needed to assemble each individual product to be communicated to your operators.


Manage your high-variety process, maximizing efficiency with an agile and intuitive ‘Just In Time’ replenishment method to reduce waste.


Translate your Work Instructions to the local language at the click of a button. 

vMRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

Support your products through the full lifecycle by linking information from the build to determine why errors may occur during after sales. Operators follow a standardized service route that will be logged on a product service record and reported back to your customers.


Integrate your pick to light system with VisualFactory. As Work Instructions appear on-screen, a light will flash to alert the operator of the right parts to use to further reduce the risk of error.


Rework damaged parts or products to locate production issues with limited disruption to the production line. Reworked items can often re-join the production line, avoiding scrap costs.


vRelease gives you the flexibility that you need to come up with the right authorization strategy when allowing your team to make Work Instruction changes. Implementing quality control and protecting your business.


Connect HR to your shop floor and ensure that operators have the correct competencies to complete the task ahead of them before they start operating any equipment, machinery or tools.


Record and manage labour hours from the shop floor.


Gain a deeper insight into your shop floor with VisualFactory tool integration. Track tool and equipment usage to access data that can help you drive productivity and efficiency, whilst reducing unnecessary waste.