Lean Manufacturing Error-Proofing Software | Boost Shop Floor Productivity | NoMuda Features & Benefits


Features & benefits

NoMuda VisualFactory is the innovative lean manufacturing, error-proofing software, that drives shop floor productivity and eliminates manufacturing errors on shop floors around the world.


Optimize Your Processes

Digitize and standardize your work instructions with our lean, error-proofing software and meet quality standards by reducing shop floor errors. VisualFactory is the lean manufacturing, shop floor productivity software that records every move within the manufacturing process and is ideal for businesses operating within highly regulated industries.

Empower Your Workforce

Maximize the potential of your workforce with NoMuda’s lean manufacturing software. Moving to a digital production process with an error-proofing software will reduce human error, eliminate time spent on paperwork, speed up training time and drive productivity.

Shop Floor Synergy

Seamlessly integrate VisualFactory with your ERP and other business applications to connect manufacturing processes to the rest of the business. VisualFactory also allows you to connect tools, equipment to our software to provide data visualization, error-proofing software and track and trace serialization for a deeper insight into the productivity of your shop floor.

Track & Trace Serialization Systems

Take control of your shop floor with access to a wealth of real-time and historical data with track and trace serialization systems. VisualFactory is the lean manufacturing software that gives you the tools to correct recurring issues, as well as error-proof and future-proof your business and keep management informed.


Locate Defects & Conformities Faster

Give operators the power to report configurable production issues on the shop floor with VisualFactory’s track and trace serialization and data capture software, in order to improve quality and turn production issues into production improvements. Set up Andon alerts and dashboards to ensure lowest possible response times.


Tool & Equipment Maintenance

Effectively maintain machinery, tools, and parts by syncing them with VisualFactory’s lean manufacturing software and improve the productivity of your shop floor. Identify service needs and replenish parts to ensure your production lines run efficiently.

Discover Your Hidden Factory

Identify issues that you would not consider with VisualFactory’s leading lean manufacturing, error-proofing software. Features like the dot density chart will allow you to resolve frustrating long-term issues with longer-term solutions. You can also rework any failed products at the end of the line.

We Love Complex

How do you standardize a manufacturing process with 10,000 different options? VisualFactory’s leading lean manufacturing software has the capability to do this and trigger sub-assemblies from the main line to sub lines whilst ensuring part replenishment, keeping the assembly line running smoothly.

Stay Informed

VisualFactory has a sophisticated communication module that uses Email, Voice, SMS, Slack, WhatsApp or your messenger of choice. Adapt urgent and non-urgent communications to your business needs and keep management informed when they cannot be on the shop floor.


Ace Your Audits

Simplify audits and improve the productivity of your shop floor with an advanced data capture software. VisualFactory is the lean track and trace serialization software that takes the stress out of auditing, as you gain access and visibility to the evidence that proves you are meeting your industry requirements.

VisualFactory Grows With You

VisualFactory is a secure web browser-based manufacturing software application (running inside your corporate firewall or in the cloud as a SaaS) that will allow you to begin implementation processes with as many licences, sites and products that you need. Our modular-based system allows you to select only the features that your business needs.