Implementation & Support

We’re MES Software vendors, with a team of Manufacturing experts who will help get you off to the right start with remote or safe on-site support at every stage of your shop floor’s industrial transformation.



"If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking".

Richard Buckminster Fuller

Your factory doesn’t sleep and neither do we. Our friendly customer support team is on hand to offer 24/7 support via our ticketing system to help answer and resolve the big and the small questions.

Our module-based software offers you a wide range of functionality click here to view our full range of modules for the industrial transformation of your shop floor. Better still, our pay-per seat pricing structure ensures that you only pay for the licenses and modules that you require.  

VisualFactory is highly configurable and extensible. We are MES software vendors that can create custom add-ons to support your specific business requirements or using the extensive API, provide integration to your business systems.

Pilot NoMuda VisualFactory

The NoMuda VisualFactory 90-day pilot is a guided, proof of concept project that allows you to test the capabilities and suitability of our software before investing in a full implementation.

Warning: 95% of pilot projects become long-term customers. Once you have tried NoMuda VisualFactory you will find it hard to go back.


"It has become evident during our final investigations and the pilot that what NoMuda has to offer is by far the best product in the market and brings with it a level of function and service that is unmatched. We are only skimming the surface of what is possible with the software and it appears that the team is developing features faster than what my team will be able to implement. My team and I are excited about this next venture for us and as we show other teams, they are questioning why it has taken us this long to look for this flexibility.".

Pieter Van Zyl, Director of Engineering, Seats Inc