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Overview NoMuda MES VisualFactory

NoMuda MES VisualFactory is a software platform that helps manufacturing companies to digitize their shop floor operations. The flexible platform provides:

Digital shop floor operations chart to help improve manufacturing efficiency

NoMuda MES VisualFactory is a software platform that helps manufacturing companies to digitize their shop floor operations. The flexible platform provides:

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Digital Standard Work Processes

Production engineers can now develop digital work instructions for the shop floor operators. Using NoMuda MES VisualFactory, production engineers set up work instructions that are shown to the operators on computer screens or mobile devices.  The screens follow a standard format so the operators know where to find the relevant information and can focus on the task at hand.

Rhopoint engineer following step-to-step instructions showcasing how intuitive Visual Factory is

Intuitive User Interface and User Experience

The user interface and the user experience of VisualFactory is designed for the shop floor operators. Operators are shown step-to-step instructions to complete a specific task.

VisualFactory UI/UX includes:

  • Standard screen layout to ensure consistency of work instruction presentation.
  • UI incorporates all the information required: components, tools, checks, warnings, drawings, videos, etc.
  • Focused screens that only show the specific task at hand to simplify the presentation
  • Integration with external dependencies to remove the requirement for manual checks, ex scan part numbers instead of manually entering them for verification.
  • Web based screens that are accessible from any web browser, including mobile phones, tablets and touch screens.
seamless integration with IoT hardware

Flexible Work Order Processing to Support Thousands of Variants

Manufacturing companies that have a high degree of configurability during their ordering process require a flexible manufacturing process. VisualFactory enables thousands of product variants to be manufactured from a single set of work instructions. Production engineers are able to pre-define the different variants that will automatically generate the correct work instruction based on a product definition. This simplifies the process of defining standard work instructions in an environment that has a high degree of configuration during the ordering process.

At the core of VisualFactory is a rules engine that allows production engineers to setup different variants and options based on the following inputs:


  • Parts: if a product has a different Bill of Materials, VisualFactory will show the correct parts for the correct variants.
  • Process: if a product has a different process steps, VisualFactory rules engine will identify the correct steps for the selected variant.
  • Parameters:if a product requires different measurements or values, VisualFactory will show the correct values for the selected variant.
Factory monitor showcasing Visual Factory with real time management reports that help to improve product traceability.

Real-time Management Reports and Dashboards

Using data to make better decisions is a management priority. VisualFactory records all the events taken during the manufacturing process to allow managers access to factory floor data. Managers can now get real-time answers to questions like:

  • How many did we produce today
  • How many labor hours were required
  • What stoppages occured
  • What is the First Pass Yield
  • Which staff are trained to work on a particular station
  • What is the mean difference in cycle time between Products A & B
seamless integration with IoT hardware

Digital Traceability for Audit Compliance

VisualFactory simplifies the process of audit compliance since all the steps of the manufacturing process are recorded. VisualFactory can create a complete manufacturing history for every product that was built in the factory. A ‘digital birth certificate’ is availabe that includes:

  • steps used in the manufacturing process
  • date and time required for each step
  • operator responsible for each step
  • relevant settings
  • list of parts and description

This single source of information removes the cost of manually recording each step on paper and then scanning the paper for archival purposes.

Integration of IT and OT systems

Integration with VisualFactory and your company’s ERP system and other IT business services is easy. VisualFactory can automatically synchronize with BOM structures, Parts lists, manufacturing orders that are commonly hosted in ERP systems. Similarly, VisualFactory can update data in the IT system with order status, manufacturing data and labor hours.

seamless integration with IoT hardware

Seamless Integration with IoT Hardware

VisualFactory can seamlessly integrate with shop floor equipment using the IoT standard MQTT. Many industrial hardware vendors now support MQTT to transmit data between the hardware and software applications. VisualFactory is able to subscribe to the MQTT data from a hardware device to integrate the data into a VisualFactory work process. For instance, if a work process requires a torque wrench to be at a specific setting, VisualFactory can automatically check the torque setting that is being published by the wrench.

This seamless integration removes the requirement for manual verification by the operator resulting in a more efficient process and fewer chances for error.

Cloud Hosting

Customers can select two options for deploying VisualFactory:

  • NoMuda hosts VisualFactory Managed Service for customers that want to rely upon NoMuda to run their instance of VisualFactory. This allows our customers to focus on being experts in their shop floor processes and rely upon Nomuda to ensure VisualFactory is always available and up to date. VisualFactory Managed Service is hosted on AWS or Azure.
  • VisualFactory self hosted allows our customers to operate VisualFactory in their own data center.