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NoMuda VisualFactory USA

NoMuda supports factories with manufacturing automation solutions and visual assembly processes that standardize shop floor monitoring systems all over the world.

The NoMuda VisualFactory US Headquarters are located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our Team is spread out across the US to ensure that we able to service customers and factories with our manufacturing automation systems on all time zones.

NoMuda VisualFactory can be found in some of the largest manufacturing facilities and factories in North America. Our experience with lean digital work instructions and manufacturing automation systems varies from Automotive and transport and Aerospace and Defence to machinery and equipment, high-tech and robotics visual assembly solutions. We focus on the process and the smart lean tools that will help improve it, not the product which is why it works.

Our VisualFactory software offers you step-by-step, electronic visual assembly solutions that tell the operators of your factory what they need to know and when they need to know it. The NoMuda VisualFactory standard work instructions manufacturing software can be integrated with your ERP and other business systems or tools and equipment for a full automated shop floor. This reduces the risk of errors and saves time to free your team up to work on further process improvements.

We are the leading, standard manufacturing automation system for complex and visual assembly for factories and manufacturers in the US. NoMuda VisualFactory configures your lean work instructions to effectively manage an automated process with thousands of different options. Our standard work instructions ensure that customers maintain quality whether they are creating thousands of the same product or one of a kind.

NoMuda VisualFactory is the standard manufacturing work instructions software that uses automation processes for visual assembly and shop floor data monitoring, helping you keep close track of your KPIs on a shop floor dashboard and keep the management informed with reports. Full traceability is ideal for highly regulated industries to meet audits and accreditations such as the FDA, ISO, MHRA and other compliance measures.

As an agile organisation we are constantly updating our products, services and software to ensure that our lean, standard work instruction systems will help US manufacturers and factories remain competitive on an international scale with leading technology.

Get in touch to find out how you can improve the efficiency of your factory, increase productivity, and cut costs with NoMuda VisualFactory, the standard manufacturing automated software. Please contact us by filling in our contact form below. Visit our case studies page to read more about some of the manufacturers that we work with in the US.