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We’re NoMuda VisualFactory, one of the leading companies worldwide that offers MES tracking production software solutions and job monitoring on the shop floor during the production process.

We provide companies with lean manufacturing tools and MES solution systems to help them track production, improve their shop floor and increase their productivity.

Our British Headquarters are based near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. We are perfectly situated at the heart of England to reach manufacturers across the UK. Being a stone's throw away from Birmingham Airport, we are also able to access our customers across Europe with ease.

We work with some of the largest manufacturers across the UK and Europe in a wide range of sectors, and offer them MES solutions, helping them improve their shop floor software during the production process with our Visual Factory job tracking software. Some of the areas we work with in the UK and all around Europe include including Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Transport, High-tech, Medical, Mining, oil and gas and more.

NoMuda VisualFactory is the lean MES production software solution that helps UK and European manufacturers keep close track of the job production process and create an effective shop floor environment during the manufacturing process. VisualFactory is the MES solution that helps manufacturers compete on the global stage as they gain a new level of resilience. Switching to digital Work Instructions ensures that your shop floor operators always use the fastest, safest, lowest cost software job production process to deliver right-first-time quality and eliminate waste.

Error-proof your shop floor with VisualFactory lean MES solutions, as the operators can track any production issues instantly and alert management for a faster response. All of your manufacturing data is recorded in the smart software to help you find longer-term solutions to make valuable continuous improvements. You will have access to data that you did not realize existed to create reports and fly through audits without the need for a paper trail.

As a software and a service, NoMuda VisualFactory is the lean MES software in the production process that offers effective job tracking production and floor monitoring solutions, providing a system that serves multiple factories. Multi-language capabilities allow you to write your work instructions in many different languages so that operators can switch to the local language at the click of a button on the shop floor.

Our team of lean manufacturing experts will be there to work with you through your digital transformation with full training and 24/7 support.

NoMuda VisualFactory has supported many manufacturers around the UK and all over Europe with smart tracking production software solutions and systems for an effective shop floor. To learn more about the benefits we have offered to the manufacturers we have worked with, then please contact us by following the link below. You can read more about some of the work we do with customers in the UK and Europe here.