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NoMuda VisualFactory Canada

Our Canadian office is situated in Toronto, Ontario, with customer service on hand to support North American manufacturers with data capture monitoring solutions and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Implementation around the clock.

Our team has over 25 years' experience of working with the manufacturing industry improving MES and data capture monitoring systems and will be there to support you through your transition to a smart factory.

We have a diverse customer base stretching from the East coast to the West Coast in a wide range of industries such as Automotive and Transport High-tech, Light Industrial, medical, and more.

The NoMuda VisualFactory Manufacturing Execution System (MES) empowers your workforce and improves the manufacturing data capture monitoring process, as it guides your operators through digital work instructions to ensure that they get it right-first time. Your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner), business systems, tools and equipment can be integrated for full connectivity. A customer configured order can be automatically communicated as a work order to the shop floor without any intervention from your production team. The operator will be told exactly what tools, parts, and equipment they need to assemble the product. NoMuda’s Manufacturing Execution software and data capture system can error-proof your shop floor during the manufacturing process and monitor shop floor systems effectively, improve quality, save time, and minimize waste.

Locate defects and conformities faster on your factory shop floor with NoMuda’s manufacturing data capture solutions and MES Implementation, as operators have the power to alert management to any production issues at the click of a button. Team leaders can respond immediately or defer the issue for further investigation to ensure that the production line continues to run smoothly.

NoMuda VisualFactory offers effective MES Implementation and monitoring solutions for all shop floor activity in your factory with effective data capture solutions, for audits and reports to continuously improve your process. Manufacturers operating within highly regulated industries can track and trace tools, parts, tests, and other information to satisfy regulation. This helps you go paperless and reduces the cost and time previously taken to archive documentation.

Contact us below to find out how you can boost shop floor productivity in your factory with our MES Implementation and data capture software solutions. Find out more about how you can improve your factory’s monitoring systems, increase efficiency, and eliminate waste with NoMuda VisualFactory Lean Manufacturing Software. Learn more about the work that we have done with North American Manufacturers by following our case study page.