Discrete Assembly

It can seem impossible to manage a high-variety process where no product is the same.

Not for NoMuda VisualFactory. Highly complex, configured to order production is our thing.

Two-way integration with your business systems allows VisualFactory to configure and effectively communicate thousands of different assembly options to your operators.

Take the pressure off your operators having to figure out the assembly from complex drawings, as Engineers and Team Leaders have greater control over changes to the Work Instructions. Just one set of Work instructions can be adapted to reflect endless design variations.

Documentation control means that your operators will only ever see the most recent work instructions. This is communicated on-screen in an easy to follow step by step process, identifying the correct parts, tools and assembly methods to reduce errors and training time.

Triggers can be set to automatically replenish parts on main and sub lines just-in-time, to prevent waste and ensure a continuous flow.

If your operators experience any production issues, they can call for a manager at their Workstation for a faster response and resolution.

All of your shop floor data is recorded, enabling the management team to create reports and keep working on productivity and process improvements.

Our customers include:
NoMuda VisualFactory enables the assembly instructions to be filtered by the customer product request and allows the operator to see only the instructions for the product that has been ordered.